There are several different mediums for painters to work in and choosing one is usually based on the effect the artist wants to achieve. Acrylic painting however, is sometimes feared by beginner artists because it is very fast drying and one needs to work quickly. It does have many positive aspects, one of which is to train the painter to produce work speedily. Also, different results can be achieved according to the application technique.

This sort of paint can be used straight from the tube or it can be thinned with water and used like watercolor. It can be thinned with other medium too, to look like an oil painting. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between an oil and acrylic painting. It can also look like the picture has been painted with acrylics and show the distinctive properties of that paint. All these decisions are up to the artist, choices only possible since the 1950s when acrylics were invented. They soon became popular, particularly with Mexican artists who used them for murals.

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