One of the most important aspects of exercise is progression. Although continuity is also a key to gaining benefits from exercise, you cannot simply rely on doing the same routine repetitively. That is where progression comes into play. When you are comfortable with one level of challenge, you need to push yourself further and try something more strenuous. For example, when you have engaged in walking for a long while, time may be right for switching to jogging. Read on to know more about the transition from walking to jogging.

At the outset, you may want to know why you need to engage in jogging. The following benefits might be the answer to that particular query.

Even when you jog at the same speed that you walk, jogging helps to work out many more muscles.

Jogging also helps in increasing bone density.

If you are fat, jogging might be the perfect steeping stone for starting your weight loss program.

And if you are simply in love with walking, you need to know that jogging can make you more efficient at walking!

To start jogging you do not require a great deal of preparation. In fact all you need is,

A pair of running shoes.

To put on a tracksuit and not be in street clothes.

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