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A member of the Blog Chicks team read a cool article on City Auto Locksmiths website on what to do if you loose your car keys. They are a Car Locksmith Sydney residents trust and have allowed us to publish it for our readers and happy to help anyone who needs help or further advice. Visit their website here:  City Auto Locksmiths

This is the article….

If you have not got access to a spare key to your car, as cars are now more technologically advanced, you need to call a car key replacement expert to cut or programme on which can be quite expensive to replace that the old car key cut on a mobile key cutting machine.

If you don’t have a second car key, have a backup made at the same time as getting your replacement and keep it in a safe place in case you lose your key again.

Depending on what model car and year of manufacture the vehicle you’re driving, replacing stolen or lost car keys will require you following these steps:

Here are the five steps City Auto Locksmiths suggest you do:

First Thing To Do 

Well we do advise you to call us so we can get you back up and running asap. We have over 20 years’ experience in replacing new and older model car keys and have fully kitted vehicles to produce the most complex of keys on the spot for you.

Second Thing To Do

If you know that your car keys have been stolen, its strongly advised that you call the police first.

File a police report and provide them as much information as possible to assist them locate those responsible for this crime and provides the best chance to get your keys back.

Third Thing To Do

After lodging a police report of the theft, it’s advisable to call your car insurance company to see if your car or home contents insurance covers the theft or loss of your keys. Many policies cover this in ‘comprehensive’ policies.  If house keys are on the car key ring, its important to let the provider of your home insurance cover that they have been stolen and they will log this and the police report number on their system.

Fourth Thing To Do

Have a good look for the keys and ask a friend to assist you look for your keys because it is a possibility that you might have just misplaced them and with a fresh look you may just uncover them.

The police are used to people locating keys thought stolen so give them a call, along with the insurance company to avoid complications at a later date.

Call On Our Experience

City Auto Locksmiths have been providing affordable replacement car keys for over 20 years to Sydney vehicle owners. Call us today on 0401 786 376 for a free quote of chat about how we can help you with your car key requirements.


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